Frequently asked questions

How do I get to the CentrO?

The bus-stop „Buschhausen Mitte“ is only 2 minutes away. The whole bus trip takes about 20minutes but you have to change the bus one time at the main station. The final bus-stop is called „Neue Mitte Oberhausen“. For further information on bus schedules go to (german only). By car you only need about 10 minutes. For a route go to

How do I get to the trade fair Essen?

You can reach the trade fair Essen via public transportations in only 45minutes.
First you take the bus to the main station „Oberhausen Hauptbahnhof“, then you get on the train "S3" that takes you to the main station in Essen „Essen Hauptbahnhof“ and finally, you have to take the subway/underground "U11" to the trade fair „Messe Essen West“.
You can also easily reach the trade fair by car in about 30minutes. For routes go to

How do I get to city XY?

Starting in Oberhausen, you can quickly reach several cities all around the Ruhrgebiet. There are direct bus line connections to many surrounding cities such as Duisburg, Mülheim, Essen und Bottrop. The fastest and most practical way however, would be to travel by train.
But you can just as easy go by car and reach our neighbouring cities within a short amount of time. For example Mülheim in 20 minutes, Duisburg in 15 minutes or Essen in only 30 minutes. Train+Bus schedules:
Bus schedules: (german only)
Other routes:

What are the prices for public transportation?

A single ticket for a bus trip to the CentrO costs 2.60 € (price class A). A single ticket for the bus+train to Essen costs 5.50 € (price class B). With a special ticket for bus+train called „Schönes Wochenende Ticket“, you can travel 1 whole day with up to 5 persons as many times as you want (all over germany) for 40.00 €. Go here for more information:
For more information you can also ask the bus driver or the personnel at the main station. Note: You pay a few euros extra, if you purchase the ticket at the information desk at the station instead of at the vending machine!

Are pets allowed?

Pets are allowed after previous arrangements.

Is smoking allowed?

Smoking is not allowed within the apartment. However you're allowed to smoke outside. There is an ashtray at the front door that you can use.

Are there any stores nearby?

Nearby you will find three different super markets that you can reach by foot within 10-15minutes. There is a bakery on the same street, a paper shop and a takeaway for pizza and chips/fries.